Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Havent stepped in for more than a year.....

Haha. I am now in my 2nd Year. Time passes pretty fast and I am heading towards my twenties soon. Have been occupied by busy schedules. Living a pretty hectic life. Well....I shall be updating bout myself soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Uni start d....

It's the 2nd week of lecture and have done pretty lots of stuff. Besides, the most impressive thing I have done is moving my house 3 times in a month. I was given a dorm that wasnt in my list of choice and had to accept it to avoid not having a place to stay. Then eventually i found out tht the contract there is for 44 weeks and by right i only need 40. This is suppose to mean I have to pay the extra 4 weeks for nothing. Then i decided to move out but according to my contract I need a tenant to take over my place before they can release me from my contract so that I dont lose my 250pound deposit.Being so so lucky, someone was willing to change with me.Hence, i changed to the dorm in lafrowda. though the room is much smaller but it;s cleaner and I have nice flatmates here. Stop talking bout place to stay... haha... Anyway lectures here are fine accept that o get lectuers with funny accent.Pretty sad tho....My Finance teacher is a portuguese and i could hardly understand a word he says. Besides, my accounting teacher is from New Zealand again not that bad but the accent is weird. My stats prof is a pure english man and looks and acts exactly like Einstein. He tries to become a cartoon in class but no one ever cares. Well economics is fine but juz a bit bored. Besides, I have joined a number of societies which includes business econs soc, symphony orchestra,chinese soc and asian soc.
I find symphony the hardest coz we are playing a difficult piece composed by Tchaikwosky op36 and it's terribly long and fast. My first day there was horrible and i was totally lost... Time to do hw..update tomm

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I watched a old tv series huan zhu ge ge. One of the scene touched my heart and tht's what made me go back to my memories. Thus, I browsed through my photo albums in my computer, going through all of them with tears flooding my room. After getting off the busy path of the year, now i m starting to get more relaxed facing the last part of my course. The more relax i m, the more i miss my family getting through those memories. Almost every class mates and frens here are going off home for summer holiday but coz i m coming back in christmas, i have to wait for another 3 months. Though it has been 7 months i am living alone here, i never get away from homesick. I miss home whenever i m free. I miss the days we went for holiday together...For now, i am afraid i havent got such a chance anymore in the coming few years. What is more valuable than memories having holiday with families. No matter how many trips travelling with frens, nothing beats 1 trip with my family.
Everybody might think that I am that kind of person who always hope to get freedom, always wanna leave home and stay alone. Before coming, I thought that I am that kind of person too. But now i realize it's the total opposite. I need my parents' hug, i wanna touch them everyday, i dun only wanna skype with them, i wan the real mum and dad right in front of me.
Everytime when i think of them, miss them, i will take out some maths, homework to do. or even practise my ballet. These things have always been my cure from missing my family. All these things are like my pain killer, minimising my pain when i miss daddy and mummy really much.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

7 months in UK ! alone! Now i Know how much i love my loved ones

Time doesnt wait. 7 months has just gone... spending my time in the UK...gonna graduate soon too..To be really honest, nothing here is good compared to home. Each and everyday i have been counting down days in which i can return home. Tho frens and teachers are nice, the distance from my families: daddy, mummy, brothers, grandparents, relatives are getting more unreachable. When i really need them, they wont be there for me anymore like it was before. I mean after 7 months staying away from them, i know how much more mature i have become.Before i came, i love to quarrel with my parents, thinking that u know it sounds like you r brave enuf to do so to be stubborn about your perspectives. I hated hearing them mumbling at me. But now, i miss thier mumbling, thier voices, their hugs and their love. Last time, before exams, i hate anyone that distracts me... but now i miss the voices of my parents asking me to sleep early, giving me the support to calm down before exams, also, i miss my brothers that love to ask me questions, fighting computer with me, fetching them to school. Also, i never like to go back to grandma's house, but now, i miss the moments when i can lie on her sofa watching tv for the whole day, i miss her lovely food, miss the times when she ask me how were my results...Well maybe coz these days, my schedule are tied up with exams, assignments, homework and most importantly performance. I will be performing i Hatherleigh next week friday July 11 performing a piece from Don Quixote, Kitri's solo. I always wanted to thank my mum for not letting me give up ballet when i wanted to in Grade 5. A decision that may make me regret for my whole life. I would always love them to watch each and every performance that I do.I still remember when i was practised this piece, Kitri solo, my ballet teacher in UK, Mollie was shocked that my turn out was so terribly bad, expressionless and technically not acceptable. After the first rehearsal, I was so sad that i tot of giving up the performance. But that reminds me of my mum not letting me giving up ballet.For my parents, i told myself by hook or by crook i must do it. Thus, that pushes me to start my pilates routine again, jog everyday, swim and etc. I told myself I must show mollie tremendous improvement before my nex rehearsal. And I made it come true. I showed big improvements in my second rehearsal. Tho not perfect, but compared to the first one, it was much more lively and more expressions are shown. I treasure each and every rehearsal. I want to show improvements.... it is not easy to handle exams, assigments and perforamnces together, but i told myself i must make it come true. I was condemned on my turn out in my first rehearsal, but now my turn out got compliments by Ms Mollie. The pushing factor that makes me stand gracefully on stage today is the determination that my mother gave me, the support that my dad has always given me. Letting me to join pilates classes, joining ballet classes that r rather far and ends late at night is what pushes me to do my best in each and every performance that I do, i always take each and every rehearsal as the last time i m gonna perform for my parents and audiences that have always bee supporting me. I hope very soon you will be able to see your daughter performing gracefully on stage. If you all get to see this blog, mummy daddy, I always love you both, i will never ever let you both down.....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to UK again!!!!Miss parents, brothers, relatives, and friends

Sometimes i ponder why i chose to go back to Malaysia. The main reason is really because I miss everyone, everything I had in Malaysia. The care, love and joy with my family for the 3weeks is the greatest birthday present i received this year. After 3 months of surviving alone without my dearest mum and dad with me, i start to appreciate my my parents have done for me. But after 3 weeks of happy moments in Malaysia, I am back to UK leaving alone again. If i havent chose to go back, i wouldnt have been homesick at this moment. If i havent chose to not leave UK for a vacation back in malaysia, i will miss all the fun i have for 3 weeks. in the whole of the 3 weeks, i spend each n every second wisely, either spending time with my friends, having meals with family and visiting relatives. Upon my return, my friends have gave me lots of fun and spend time with me going around to visit KL. Every morning, i have a variety of breakfast, for instance Nasi Lemak, chao kueh, mee goreng, roti canai, carrot cakes and etc. Those are my favourite food that I had always rejected to eat before I came to UK because they r really fattening. When you dont have them only you appreciate them. After 3 months of leaving these food totally, i start to miss them and when I was back I dun care how much weight I will gain from those food, what i know is i love those food and i appreciate each n every bite. This applies to my parents, relatives and friends. When I was in Malaysia facing them each n every day, i take myself away from the naggings of my parents, brothers' noise, and friends invitation for movie, party and etc....but NOW i miss my parent's nags, my brother's noise, my friends's invitation. Since i have chose this route there's no way that I can turn back. What I can do is to work for the best and ake everyone that cares, love and concern about me be proud of my achievement. I have always been saying that why isit so hot in Malaysia and what i hate is the sweat that flows all over my body and make me feel sticky. But when i m here, I miss the hot weather in Malaysia because it's too cold here. I have also met most of my teachers, Mr Tan, Mr Subra, Mr Umass, Cikgu Azman, Cikgu Subash and etc..All of them are my best best teachers who have helped me a lot through out. Though my spm result doesnt quite impress them, i believe this is not what that determines my future but it is what i m doing now tht is gonna determine my future..the past is the past and it can juz be a history to correct what we r doing today. Thts's all for now....Sue Sein miss all of you muackssssss..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coming Back For Holiday

Well I am coming back on the 15th March basically to meet up with relatives that i have yet to see during the cny. i know they miss me a lot. Haha. So does my family. Well I miss my family, friends and relatives too. After receiving my spm result I was very disappointed because it wasnt what i expected but I have tried my best. What is over is over. Though i m saying that, in reality it's pretty hard for me to put this down. Well what i can actually do is work hard for my foundation and obtain the best mark possible. Coming back to Malaysia, I need to seek for my darling teachers help for my economics and maths which is one of my biggest problem studying here. Another possible factor that pulls me back to Malaysia is probably the weather. For the past few days, it has been a mess in the weather of the UK. It was raining so heavily and the winds are rather killing. Basically it's windstorming in UK the past few days. Guess what, I was blocked by the momentum of the wind and i couldnt really make my step home. Thus the past few days i have been taking bus home which has actually cost me a lot of money. From the city centre to Kingdom Mews the place i live, it's bout 1.35pounds per journey. Damn expensive. Anyway i look forward to meeting all myfamily, friends, relatives and most importantly my FOOD and the warm weather in msia. You all will also notice a new Sue Sein who is not like what she was in the past. A brand new girl who can at least cook and do some washing myself now. Haha this is what i find useful about studying abrroad. U are forced to be independent. I have time to type this because i m waiting for my turn to have my tutorial with my personal tutor Val Black. She is my writing teacher. Funny one. She always laughs at her own jokes but we were always amused with her way of laughing things. hehe that's all for now and i have to go for my tutorial now.. bye bye

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trip to Bristol

Well it's a nice trip but juz that it cost me 10 pounds. Cheap la actually. Well basically we went to the museums-2 of them to be specific. One is call the city museum and the other is the red lodge. Bristol is quite a nice place definitely nicer than exeter. At least the high street is bigger, more people and they have place specialising in the international food sales. I found rendang pack but still i dont wanna send my money on unnecessary things. Nothing to decribe bout those pics juz some ancient old stuff. Haha...We had a very expensive lunch cost bout 70 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wah seh RM490...but among 5 people lo. I was sort of thinking that i am going to suffer from homework pressure if i take a day off to Bristol but after a while i dun wanna care anymore. Go and hv fun first. Well the loads of homework is actually not that heavy if you know how to use time. Well people who seees this blog. give some comment on my change... did i grow fatter???????(if you know me). Guys dun bluff yeah....erm i m starting to like this place(exeter) coz of its peaceful environment. Update me any latest news and what's happening back in malaysia. I m coming back o the 15th march and I look forward to meeting my family, friends and people i know.